How do I apply?

To apply complete an application and turn it into our main office with application fee, identification, and social security number.

How much is the application fee?

The application fee is $35 for the first person on the application and additional $26 for anyone listed on the application over the age of 18. we accept the application fee in the form of money order or cash. This fee is non-refundable.

What are the qualifications?

When qualifying an applicant we mainly look for:


  1. No Evictions
  2. No Collections over 2,500
  3. No criminal record
  4. No bankruptcies
  5. Applicant must meet the income qualifications

What are the income Qualifications?

With most of our conventional Apartment  applicants must make twice as much as rent.

With our Affordable Apartments there is set income limits the household must not exceed. These income limits will be available on the individual ad.

What is the differences between the housing provided?

We work with conventional, tax credit and Section 8 housing.

  • conventional housing is any property in which the rent is based on market prices. The rent is not based on your income.
  • Tax credit housing is a type of affordable housing in which rent is set to a more affordable rate than conventional housing. The rent is not based on your income but there are income qualifications one must meet in order to qualify.
  • Section 8 housing or government housing is a type of subsidized housing we work with the federal goverment. in these certain properties the rent is based on your income. This type of housing is not the section 8 voucher program. if you apply to any of our section 8 housing properties you are applying to be placed on a waiting list. please refer to the section 8 housing page for the waiting list we have available.

Am I applying for low income/section8 housing?

No. the vacancies listed on our site are not part of the section 8 housing program

How can I tell which properties are affordable or tax credit?

All affordable or tax credit vacancies are labeled individually in the title.

Can I email/fax/mail in an application?

Applications that have been mailed, faxed, or emailed will not be accepted. Applications will only be accepted at our main office witht the application fee.

How can I apply for section 8 housing/ Low income housing?

the Available waiting list for section 8 housing is listed on our website. if you want to apply to any of the open waiting list please come to our main office to pick up a section 8 housing application. We will not accept the application on our website for any of our section 8 housing. All of our section 8 housing properties have their own application that can only be acquired in the main office.

How much is the deposit?

The deposit for all vacancies is equivalent to one month’s rent

Why is the apartment no longer Available?

We work with a first come first serve basis. If you are approved for an apartment and have not provided a deposit, then the next approved aplicant who provides a deposit can get the apartment.

Do you accept pets?

We do not accept pets of any kind at any of our properties.

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